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Flex System

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Flex System

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  IBM Flex System Enterprise Chassis 8721 6x2500W PSU 1x Management Module 10x Hot-swap Fan Module 81Y281 94Y5803
IBM/Lenovo Flex System Enterprise Chassis MT: 8721-HC1, PID 8721A1G FRU 81Y2891,supports up to 14 one-bay compute nodes, 2x Hot Swap Fan module 40 mm (all models) 81Y2911, 8x Hot Swap Fan module 80 mm (all models) 81Y2910, 1x IBM Flex System Chassis Management Module 68Y7030 68Y7032 00AN232, 6x Redundans Hot Plug 2500W Power Supply DPS-2500CB 69Y5890 69Y5889, 10U Rack
Használt, Used. W/O compute node servers, W/O power cable
2 375.67 €+VAT, 3 017.1
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