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8GB DDR3 ECC Registered RAM Modules
HP SAS Serial Attached 10K 15K SFF LFF HDD
HDD Tray Caddy Hot Swap Tray LFF SFF
RAID Controllers


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Dell iDRAC6 Enterprise Remote Access Board CN-0K869T K869T
iDRAC6 Enterprise Remote Management Card Access Board CN-0K869T K869T Újszerű
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  IBM 1754-HC3 LCM8 Local Console Managers 69Y6010 8port KVM Switch
Local user connections KVM VGA + PS/2 or USB, Local user connections: Extra USB x2, Maximum number of target systems Daisy-chained & Tiered configuration 128, Maximum video resolution 1600x1200 (4:3), 1680x1050 (wide), Supports remote access with LCM Digital Activation Key , Input power 100-240V, 50/60 Hz 8.5W power, 15W max Újszerű
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