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Dell PowerEdge VRTX

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Dell PowerEdge VRTX

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  Dell PowerEdge VRTX Modular Platform Blade Chassis 24SFF HDD Bay 4x Dell PowerEdge M Series Blade Bay 1x CMC 1x Perc8 1GB RAID 4x PSU Rack
PowerEdge VRTX modular platform Server and Storage, Supported Dell Blade servers DELL PowerEdge M Series, 1x Dell Chassis Management Controller CMC Y1F41, VRTX Network 1GbE R1-2401 Switch H4THX Integrated networking 1GbE 8-port pass-through module; 24x SFF 2,5' SAS/SATA HDD Hot Swap Bay, 0HDD, Shared perc8 RAID Controller Dell PN P3WV4 (H710p) 1GB 1333MHz NV RAM Battery Backup Unit (BBU) Dell 70K80 LSISAS2208 dual-core PowerPC ROC, max Drive 32, Supports 1.5Gb/s, 3Gb/s, and 6Gb/s, RAID Level ...
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