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8GB DDR3 ECC Registered RAM Modules
HP SAS Serial Attached 10K 15K SFF LFF HDD
HDD Tray Caddy Hot Swap Tray LFF SFF
RAID Controllers



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  Dell Rear Riser Board Dell PowerEdge R810 0FJM8V FJM8V Alaplap
Dell Precision T5500 2nd CPU & Memory Riser Board , Dell Precision T5500 Memory Ram CPU Fan 0U987F, Dell Precision T5500 CPU Cooler Fan 0W567F, Dell Precision T5500 Cooling FanN 0F306F, Dell Precision T5500 CPU Cooler 0W715F, Dell Precision T5500 2nd Processor Riser 0F623F, Dell Precision T5500 Proc/Memory Board H236F, Dell Precision T5500 Memory Riser Board 0H236F Like New
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Dell PowerEdge T310 0MNFTH System Board Motherboard Alaplap
Dell PowerEdge T310 0MNFTH MNFTH P673K 2P9X9 System Board Motherboard Alaplap 1x LGA1156 Socket 6x 240DIMM RAM Like New
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  Dell Mobile Computing Cart Managed Dell PowerConnect 3548 Ethernet Switch Dell CARTMA 210-AHPM
Dell Mobile Computing Cart Managed, Pre-routed Cat 6 Ethernet cables, Dell PowerConnect 3548 Ethernet Switch, 10-foot external Ethernet cable, Power for Ethernet switch and customer-provided WAP
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